V1.40 – 1st Mar 2024

Update to resource locator strings.

V1.39 – 27th Feb 2024

Ensure screen switch functions while tray icon menu is open.
Display license information in the GUI.

V1.38 – 10th Feb 2024

Bug fix – confine mouse now works correctly upon startup (pre touch event).
GUI will now give advice regarding Windows “Ease Cursor” setting when relevant.
More detailed information presented regarding licensing.
Various minor code improvements.

V1.37 – 29th Jan 2024

Fixed Explorer bug on return keyboard focus.
Improved handling of mouse and touch events in rapid succession.
Prevention of foreground focus change when certain applications are opened.
Text changes in notifications and elsewhere.
Fixed application crash on close due to named pipe issue.
Fixes to non-alphanumeric macros for screen change and app toggle.
Key macros can now be passed via on screen keyboard or VM.
Website hyperlink and version number in the GUI.
Optional update notification in the GUI,
Notification class name fix.
Improved automatic detection of monitor configuration changes.
No longer returns error codes for non-standard but clean exits.

V1.36 – 30th May 2023

Improved handling of non-primary touchscreen events.
Exclusion of Windows Start Menu and Open Shell from foreground switching.
Mouse cursor reposition bug fix.

V1.35 – 29th May 2023

Bug fix – corrected recognition of window focus change with Chromium-based and other applications.

V1.34 – 28th Mar 2023

Configuration save bug fixes.

V1.33 – 20th Mar 2023

Executables and installer signed with Comodo IV Certificate.
Version number tooltip on logo.
Return focus on keypress bug fix.
Confine mouse bug fix.
Changes to default settings.

V1.32 – 16th Mar 2023

Return keyboard focus bug fix.
Tray icon start fix and persistence fix.
DPI awareness fix for scaled monitors.

V1.31 – 11th Mar 2023

Return Keyboard Focus feature (configurable) added.
Graphical User Interface added to enable easy configuration of features.
Tray Icon and start menu shortcut added.
Bug fix – separate mouse and touch disabled now behaves as expected.
Thread locking prevention improved.
Graphical improvements throughout.
Global Program enable / disable feature.
Config ini file moved to AppData folder.
Improved installer.

V1.25 – 11th Jan 2023

Fix to startup scheduled task filename bug.

V1.24 – 10th Jan 2023

Fix to pointer constraints on vertically stacked displays.
Install and run with admin rights. Ensures program works when focussed app is also running as admin.

V1.23 – 2nd Dec 2022

Miscellaneous minor bug fixes and improvements.

V1.22 – 30th Nov 2022

Provision of x64 / x86 dual installer.

V1.21 – 10th Nov 2022

Changes to documentation. Installer message clarifications.

V1.20 – 9th Nov 2022

Replaced batch file installer with Inno Setup installer. Various changes to the loading of configuration options.

V1.12 – 4th Nov 2022

Bug fix on new Win 11 build to prevent pointer from sometimes being moved to the bounds of the screen after touch event.

V1.11 – 29th Oct 2022

Bug fix – screen constraints on new Win 11 build

V1.10 – 12th Oct 2022

First public release.