Touch Mouse Tools allows for a better usability experience on Windows when using multiple monitors, particularly where a mouse and touchscreen are in use together. For example, touchscreen events normally cause the mouse pointer to be moved to the last location touched on the touchscreen. However with Touch Mouse Tools, movement is resumed from the last mouse movement location instead. This allows you to use your mouse and touchscreen independently. This is particularly useful if you are using a secondary touchscreen as a control panel – for example as a mix console on a Digital Audio Workstation – while also controlling your main monitor via a mouse. Keyboard focus is also handled to ensure a seamless experience. Touch Mouse Tools is also great for flight simulators and all sorts of other applications where you would like to use one or more touchscreens like a control panel. Also for general productive desktop usage, we think that you will find that Touch Mouse Tools greatly improves the user experience on multiple monitors over the Windows default.

Also included are options to confine your mouse pointer on to one screen at a time, with a configurable key macro to switch easily between screens.

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